Tuesday 6th December 2022

Area College Students Complete U.S. Marshals Student Internship Program

The reinstatement of the Student Volunteer Internship Program (SVIP) by the United
States Marshals Service in the Jackson and Memphis Offices this year has resulted in the completion of
the program by students from Freed-Hardeman University and Lane College.

During the spring semester, Colin Newsom helped with the paperless transition of the Jackson office,
which involved many hours of converting and scanning administrative files into the new USMS
database Capture. “The U.S. Marshals Service’s internship was an excellent experience for me,” stated
Newsom. “I was provided multiple unique opportunities and experiences and was able to learn the
court system and the role of the Marshals Service within it. I would recommend this internship to any
student with an interest in law enforcement.” Newsom graduated with a degree in Accounting and a
minor in Criminal Justice from Freed-Hardeman in May.

Over the fall semester, Tarhanysia Thomas became the first student from Lane to intern with the USMS
in West Tennessee. Thomas continued the work of converting Jackson to a paperless office. “I’m so
appreciative of this opportunity and because of it, I have developed myself personally and
professionally,” stated Thomas. “I didn’t know I was going to meet people who could help change the
trajectory of my life.” Thomas, who is very active in the Lane student body, will graduate in April 2023
with a degree in Criminal Justice.

“We are proud to offer this type of hands-on opportunity for young difference-makers in our
community,” said U.S. Marshal Tyreece Miller. “Colin and Tarhanysia showed commitment and drive
as they met the demands of their college schedules while interning with us. It is an honor to introduce
them to the federal justice system. I look forward to seeing the impact they will have in the future.”

SVIP is an unpaid internship and work assignment that prepares students for future aspirations in law
enforcement and the justice system. To apply for the SVIP, candidates • Must be in good standing with their
Academic Institution and enrolled in at least part-time studies • Minimum 18 years old • Must be able to work a
minimum of 24 hours (3 days) per week at the USMS Office. • Internships usually last one semester but can be
extended an additional semester. These are short-term positions and cannot exceed a 6-month period.

For more information about the SVIP program, please contact the Internship Coordinator at 901-456-8053 or

Additional information about the U.S. Marshals Service can be found at https://www.usmarshals.gov/.

Photo courtesy of t the U.S. Marshals Service: Tarhanysia Thomas and U.S. Marshal Tyreece Miller


Photo courtesy of t the U.S. Marshals Service: Colin Newsom and U.S. Marshal Tyreece Miller