Dr. Fauci Warns 100,000 People a Day in U.S. Could Get Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci,director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and other health experts testified Tuesday morning before a Senate committee on President Trump’s coronavirus response and warned that the U.S. could begin seeing 100,000 People get the noronavirus a day, according to a reports by numerous news agencies. Fauci testified that coronavirus cases could go up to 100,000 a day if the upward trend in cases in some states doesn’t turn around and also said there’s “no guarantee” the US will develop a “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine, but experts are hopeful there could be doses available to the public by next year.Fauci also said infections and the death toll will be “very disturbing” if current trends persist.Asked how many COVID-19 deaths and infections the US could expect before the pandemic is over, Fauci said he couldn’t make an “accurate prediction” but it is going to be “very disturbing.,” CNN reported.

“I will guarantee you that, because when you have an outbreak in one part of the country even though in other parts of the country they are doing well, they are vulnerable,” Fauci said. “We can’t just focus on those areas that are having the surge. It puts the entire country at risk.”

Fauci said that the country is seeing more than 40,000 new cases a day, and that he would “not be surprised” if the case count goes up to 100,000 a day if the current trend in cases “does not turn around.”

According to data from John Hopkins University, at least 36 states are currently seeing an increase in cases compared to the previous week. At least 11 of those states are seeing a 50% or more increase in cases.

Fauci stressed that he could not make an estimation on deaths as those would need to be modeled.

“I think it is important to tell and you the American public that I’m very concerned because it could get very bad,” Fauci said.